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Netinium enables utilities to perform all-encompassing device management down to individual device level regardless the number of different devices or connections in their network.

Create a single network infrastructure of interoperable smart devices & gain from highly automated, uniform management processes.

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In the spotlight:

Customer highlight: Dutch teamwork

Our project portfolio includes an interesting cooperation between two of our customers.

Alliander / 5.7M connections

Alliander uses Netinium to manage their current 1.000.000 and future 5.700.000 GPRS / CDMA smart meters for both electricity & gas.

Enduris / 400K connections

We enable Alliander to offer managed services to their neighbour utility Enduris. 50.000 of Delta's meters for both electricity & gas are managed concurrently through Alliander's Netinium platform.


Accommodating Growing Diversity Within Meter Networks

Standards, business requirements and security needs keep evolving at high speed. For example in the Netherlands, we are now starting the roll-out of the 5th major iteration of our Dutch Smart Meter Requirements (SMR 5), while we still have meters from the previous DSMR2 and DSMR4 standards in the network.

As a result of this unstoppable hardware evolution, the real challenge for a utility is “How to accommodate this (ever) growing diversity within my meter network?”

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