Data collection

Data collection from one single type of meter is simple. Yet, a mass roll out combines multiple meters and head ends, all applying different communication standards or data scheduling settings. Making these work in unison becomes a painful integra­tion process.

We offer a single head end that combines all your different meters into a seamless network infrastructure and enables uniform processes across devices from all major brands.

Key features

  • Manage automatic data collection from all smart meters from any brand across all communication networks with a single operations environment
  • Flexible, autonomous data collection for specific devices, device groups or mass data collection without the need for a MDMs
  • Configure the type of data to be collected per meter type or group, including billing data, interval data, PQ data and events & alarms
  • Monitor data collection and exceptions for SLA reporting
  • Robust scheduling takes account of specific quality-of-services of various communication network types and protocols
  • Collection model supports data pull, data push or combinations
  • Configurable data retention period offers compliance with SLA requirements and local regulations
  • Supports request driven data collection and anonymized data fields for privacy requirements compliance

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